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Katek Super Rock - Rock Mineral Soil Conditioner - 3kg

The ultimate solution for transforming your garden into a thriving oasis of health and vitality. This Rock Mineral Soil Conditioner is a carefully crafted blend of all-natural ingrezdients, designed to nourish and re-balance your soil, ensuring optimal plant growth and nutrition.

Rock Minerals: Derived from natural geological formations, the rock minerals are rich in essential elements that promote robust plant development. These minerals work harmoniously to enhance soil structure and fertility.

Compost: The inclusion of premium-quality compost adds organic matter to the soil, improving its water retention capacity and fostering a healthy environment for beneficial microorganisms.

Guano: This Rock Mineral Soil Conditioner contains guano, a potent natural fertiliser derived from bat droppings. Guano is a rich source of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, providing your plants with the nutrients they need for vigorous growth.

Rock Phosphate: Enriched with rock phosphate, this soil conditioner contributes to the overall health of your plants by promoting root development and encouraging flowering and fruiting.


Nourishes Soil: Super Rock replenishes essential minerals in the soil, ensuring a well-balanced and nutrient-rich foundation for your plants.

Maximises Plant Nutrition: By addressing mineral deficiencies, this soil conditioner promotes optimal nutrient absorption, leading to healthier and more vibrant plants.

Microbial Support: Super Rock serves as a delectable feast for soil microbes, fostering a thriving microbial community that aids in nutrient cycling and enhances soil structure.

Versatile Use: Suitable for the entire garden, including flowers, vegetables, fruits, and ornamental plants. Whether you have a small backyard garden or a larger landscape, Katek Super Rock is the perfect choice.

Revitalise your garden with Katek Super Rock and experience the joy of witnessing your plants flourish. Katek's commitment to quality and sustainability ensures that you are providing the best for your garden and the environment. Transform your soil, nurture your plants, and enjoy a garden bursting with life!
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