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Treeson Herbicide - 1L

A targeted and potent solution for precise control of unwanted timber and the eradication of persistent weeds. With an active ingredient comprising 200g/L Triclopyr and 100g/L Picloram, this herbicide is formulated to address specific challenges in vegetation management.

Key Features:

Dynamic Active Ingredients: Treeson Herbicide harnesses the power of 200g/L Triclopyr and 100g/L Picloram, ensuring a formidable combination for effective control. Whether you're dealing with unwanted timber, blackberry, gorse, or harrisia cactus, this herbicide offers a comprehensive solution.

Specialised Application Methods: Tailored for precision, Treeson Herbicide is designed for stem injection or cut stump/brushcutter application. This allows for targeted control of unwanted timber, ensuring minimal impact on surrounding vegetation while effectively managing specific species.

Empower your vegetation management strategy with the precision and reliability of Treeson Herbicide. With a focus on controlling unwanted timber and eradicating persistent weeds, this herbicide stands as a trusted solution for those seeking targeted and effective vegetation control. Follow the recommended application methods for optimal results in your specific control objectives.

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