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Turkey Grower Pellets (Medicated) - 20kg

The optimal choice for nurturing healthy and robust turkeys from 7 weeks of age until slaughter. Crafted as part of a two-stage program, this complete feed is designed to provide essential nutrition and promote the overall well-being of your flock.

The pellet form of Turkey Grower Pellets is a key feature aimed at minimising feed wastage, ensuring that every nutrient-packed morsel contributes to the development of your turkeys. This specially formulated feed does not contain any restricted animal material, assuring the purity and quality of the nutrition provided.

For optimal results, it is recommended to allow poults unlimited access to Turkey Grower Pellets while also ensuring a constant supply of clean, cool, and fresh water. This feed contains medication aimed at preventing coccidiosis, a common and potentially harmful intestinal disease in poultry.

Here's a closer look at the carefully selected ingredients that make up these Turkey Grower Pellets:

Barley, Rolled Wheat, Whole Sorghum, Millrun, Vegetable Protein Meal, HE Soyabean Meal, Lysine, Lime Grit, Sodium Bicarbonate, Salt Dry Granular, Bentonite Granular, DCP Granular, Rumensin 10%, Layer Premix, Vegetable Oil, Agrimol Molasses, Mould Inhibitor, Choline Chloride, Betafin Betaine, DL Methionine.

Guaranteed Analysis:
- Minimum Crude Protein: 21%
- Minimum Crude Fibre: 13%
- Minimum ME MJ/kg: 14%
- Minimum Fat: 6%
- Minimum Calcium: 1.15%
- Minimum Salt: 0.17%

With a nil withholding period, you can have confidence in the safety and suitability of these Turkey Grower Pellets. Elevate your turkey farming experience with a feed that prioritises health, growth, and efficiency. Choose Turkey Grower Pellets for thriving flocks and superior results.
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