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Turkey Starter Crumble - 20kg

A specially formulated feed designed to provide optimal nutrition for turkey poults from day one through their crucial growth phase up to 7 weeks of age. Crafted with care and expertise, this product is free from restricted animal material, ensuring a wholesome and safe diet for your young turkeys.

Direction for Use:
These Turkey Starter Crumbles are easy to incorporate into your poultry management routine. Suitable for feeding from the first day of hatching up to 7 weeks, this feed serves as a comprehensive and complete diet for your turkeys. To ensure optimal growth and development, provide unlimited access to the crumbles alongside clean, cool, and fresh water at all times.

Given the susceptibility of turkey poults to diseases such as coccidiosis, this Turkey Starter Crumble includes medication aimed at preventing this common ailment. With this feed, you can rest assured that your turkeys are receiving not just nutrition but also protective elements to support their overall health.

We believe in transparency, and this Turkey Starter Crumble is made from a carefully selected blend of high-quality ingredients, including:
- Corn/Sorghum Meal
- Wheat
- Vegetable Protein Meal
- HE Soya Bean Meal
- Lysine
- Sodium Bicarbonate
- Lime
- Salt
- DCP Granular
- AGM Vitamin & Mineral Pre-Mix
- Vegetable Oil
- Molasses
- Mould Inhibitor
- Choline Chloride
- Betafin Betaine
- DL Methionine

These ingredients have been thoughtfully chosen to provide a balanced and nutritious diet essential for the early stages of turkey growth. From energy-rich grains to essential vitamins and minerals, this Turkey Starter Crumble is a complete solution for your poults' dietary needs.

Give your turkeys the best start in life with this Turkey Starter Crumble – the key to healthy, thriving, and disease-resistant poultry. Trust in the quality of our feed to set the foundation for a successful and rewarding turkey farming experience.
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