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WHITE-E - 1.5kg

The natural antioxidant designed specifically for horses to enhance their overall well-being. Whether you have a high-performance athlete, a breeding mare, or a horse prone to muscle stiffness, WHITE-E is the ideal solution to support their health and vitality.

WHITE-E is a unique blend containing a natural, biologically active form of Vitamin E, acting as a powerful antioxidant supplement. This exceptional formulation has been carefully crafted to address the specific needs of horses, providing a range of benefits.

Preventing Free-Radical Build-Up: During intense training and strenuous exercise, horses can accumulate harmful free radicals. WHITE-E helps prevent this build-up, safeguarding your horse's health during demanding activities.

Neutralising Free Radicals: The potent antioxidant properties of WHITE-E neutralise the potentially harmful effects of free radicals, promoting cellular health and overall well-being.

Reducing Cell Damage and Muscular Fatigue: By minimising cell damage, WHITE-E contributes to a reduction in muscular fatigue. This results in improved stamina and enhanced performance for your horse.

Recommended for:
- Horses Susceptible to Tying Up: WHITE-E is especially beneficial for horses prone to tying up, offering support and prevention against this common issue.
-Provision of Natural Antioxidants: Provide your horse with the essential natural antioxidants needed for optimal health and performance.
- Protection Against Damaging Free Radicals: Shield your horse from the harmful effects of free radicals, ensuring longevity and vitality.
- Strengthening of the Immune System: WHITE-E supports a robust immune system, keeping your horse in top condition.
- Prevention of Muscle Fatigue, Stiffness, and Soreness: Ideal for preventing and alleviating muscle fatigue, stiffness, and soreness, ensuring your horse stays comfortable and agile.
- Breeding Mares and Stallions: WHITE-E is suitable for breeding animals, promoting reproductive function and preventing white muscle disease in foals when used during pregnancy.

Why Choose WHITE-E?
- WHITE-E sets itself apart with its palatable, stable, convenient, and easy-to-administer formula. Here's why you should choose WHITE-E for your horse:
- Supports Performance Horses: WHITE-E is particularly beneficial for racing and performance horses, offering essential Vitamin E supplementation to combat free radicals and enhance stamina.
- Strengthens Immune Systems: Boost your horse's immune response with WHITE-E, ensuring they are better equipped to face the challenges of their environment.
- Suitable for Breeding and Pregnant Horses: WHITE-E not only supports reproductive function but also plays a crucial role in preventing white muscle disease in foals when used during pregnancy.

Invest in your horse's health and performance with WHITE-E, the natural antioxidant designed for excellence.
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