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Avigrain Wild Bird Mix – Per Kg

The rebellious blend for the wild at heart in your backyard! Packed with high-quality coarse grains like Wheat, Sorghum, Black Sunflower, Oats, Corn, Safflower, Layer Pellets, and Millets, this mix is designed to be the life of the party, drawing in a vibrant array of wild birds to your garden.

Feeding Wild Birds: A Pleasurable Responsibility

In Australia, the joy of feeding wild birds is a cherished activity, fostering a unique connection with local wildlife. However, it is crucial to acknowledge the responsibilities that come with this enjoyable pastime. While supplementing the diet of birds in highly urbanized areas is sometimes necessary, it is important to feed wildlife for the pleasure of the experience rather than as a means of survival.

Dietary Impact: Enjoy, but Know the Limits

Avigrain Wild Bird Mix is a colourful and enticing treat for granivorous birds like parrots. It's crafted to attract, not sustain. Avoid processed foods, feed naturally occurring products like grains or fruits, and resist overfeeding. Think of it as providing a treat, not a daily buffet.

Ecological Impact: Keep the Balance

Regular feeding can upset the delicate ecological balance. Be mindful of potential consequences like dominant species, altered reproduction patterns, and impacts on migration. Understand that your actions can have a ripple effect on the local ecosystem.

Disease: Maintain a Healthy Buffet

Bird congregations may pose disease transmission risks. Treat your bird feeding area like your kitchen – clean feeders regularly, wash the area, and avoid leaving out wet or contaminated food. Avigrain Wild Bird Mix is meant to attract, not compromise health.

In your quest to connect with nature, enjoy the beauty of wild birds responsibly with Avigrain Wild Bird Mix – because your backyard deserves a rebellious touch!
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