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Yellow Lotion - 500mL

Antiseptic, Astringent Wound Lotion

The ultimate solution for efficient wound care in animals. This revolutionary product rapidly dries to form a protective barrier over wounds, promoting a swift and effective healing process. With potent antibacterial activity, Yellow Lotion ensures optimal wound management without the need for added pharmaceutical drugs.

Designed to significantly reduce proud flesh, this exceptional formula acts seamlessly under bandages or can be easily sprayed directly onto the wound. The Yellow Lotion not only minimises discharge and scab formation but also provides a soothing effect on open wounds, ensuring the comfort of your animals throughout the healing journey.

Controlling infections in skin wounds is a top priority, and Yellow Lotion excels in this regard. Its unique formulation protects and dries skin wounds, encouraging the natural healing process without the risk of dirt and debris accumulation. This feature makes it a versatile solution suitable for both immediate first aid and long-term treatment.

The Yellow Lotion is a safe choice that does not contravene racing regulations, providing peace of mind for those involved in competitive events. Its effectiveness extends beyond basic wound care, making it an ideal first aid treatment for burns, girth galls, inflamed bruises, and sprains, in addition to abrasions, open wounds, and proud flesh.

Trust in the power of Yellow Lotion for animal treatment, a reliable companion for the well-being of your cherished animals. Prioritise their health and recovery with a product that stands out in promoting rapid, safe, and effective wound healing.
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