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Zeus Termiticide and Insecticide – 1 Litre

Zeus is a high-performance termiticide and insecticide formulated with 100g/L Bifenthrin, making it an unparalleled solution for both household and agricultural pest management. This solvent-based formula ensures fast-acting results, providing you with efficient and lasting control over a wide range of pests.

Versatile Application:
Zeus stands out with its extensive label, catering to a diverse spectrum of pests. From subterranean termites to common household invaders and crop pests, Zeus offers a comprehensive solution.

Fast-Acting Formula:
The solvent-based nature of Zeus guarantees rapid action against pests. Say goodbye to the frustration of waiting for results – Zeus delivers quick and effective control to give you peace of mind.

Broad Spectrum Target:
Zeus exhibits exceptional efficacy against various household pests, including cockroaches, fleas, spiders, ants, bed bugs, mosquitoes, houseflies, and subterranean termites. Its versatility extends to crop protection, covering pests like banana weevil borer, carpophilus beetle, long-tailed mealybug, fig longicorn, mites, native budworm, whitefly, and leaf-eating weevil.

Excellent Residual Action:
Experience long-lasting results with Zeus's outstanding residual action. Its formulation ensures a protective barrier against pests, providing extended control for enhanced peace of mind.

Low Mammalian Toxicity:
Zeus prioritises safety with its low mammalian toxicity. Rest assured that while it effectively targets pests, it poses minimal risk to mammals, making it a responsible choice for pest control.

Registered for Various Crops:
Zeus is your go-to solution for crop protection, with registration for use on bananas, sugar cane, citrus, tomatoes, stone fruit, canola, lucerne, and wheat. Ensure the health and productivity of your crops with Zeus's reliable pest management.

Don't compromise when it comes to pest control – choose Zeus Termiticide and Insecticide for unparalleled performance, versatility, and peace of mind. Keep your surroundings and crops protected with the power of Zeus!
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